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Have you lost who you are?

Without a doubt, the single biggest issue women come to me with is an empty feeling of having “lost who they are.” There are a number of life circumstances that bring us to this intersection of comparing who we see in the mirror and who we once dreamed we would be.



BIG Life Mentoring

Ever feel stuck in a little life? Overwhelmed and yet unfulfilled? We can help. A mentor to guide you and give you the tools to get more out of life, and a community of hundreds of ladies to encourage you on your journey. We call it BIG Life Mentoring, others call it life changing. Come take a look.



BIG Life Adventure Retreat

Clearly these girls are lifelong friends. Can’t you see the bond?
Actually, they met at RETREAT!
This is what happens in a BIG Life environment where you can stop worrying about what others think, where you can be your true self, where you fit in perfectly and experience the adventure of a lifetime together!
Please my friends, you absolutely MUST experience this. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. Anywhere. Period. And honestly, it happens at every RETREAT. Join us at the next BIG Life Adventure RETREAT and step into the environment you so desperately need!
(Payment plan available for your all-inclusive RETREAT ticket.)



A New Way of Living

BIG Life isn’t a destination, it’s a way of living. A life off the sidelines. Days no longer spent just enduring or trying to get through. BIG Life is not measured in how long we live, but how much we live. How much are you really living?


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Life will never be fine again. Never. It just can't go back there. Things have changed for ever. It's not fine. For every good thing God offers us, the enemy offer a counterfeit. That counterfeit

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(Guest post by Gina Fonseca – one of our prized BIG Mama leaders in BIG Life Mentoring.) I am 5’3” tall (on my tippy toes). I am a brown haired, green eyed girl. I am

Goal Setting (Take Two)

It happens every year. We watch the big hopes and excitement of January 1st dwindle into the let down of January 31st. We were sure this year would be different. But somewhere along the way

Love Me

When you sit, you instinctively fold your arms across your stomach. When you see a photo of yourself, you critique. When you step on the scale, you wish you were less. When you compare, you


Carrots, eggs and coffee beans. No, we’re not talking about our breakfast menu. We’re talking about environment, and how we respond to it. Take carrots, eggs and coffee and place each in the same adverse


If you’re like most people, when you hear “the grind,” you think “oh Crap…..” That's completely normal. But here in BIG Life, we don't view life the normal way. We believe the grind is good.