When you sit, you instinctively fold your arms across your stomach.
When you see a photo of yourself, you critique.
When you step on the scale, you wish you were less.
When you compare, you wish you were more.

We have set standards of perfection and we never measure up to the ruler which we hold. Who says boobs have to be the same size? Who says which toe is supposed to be the longest? Who says frizzy hair must be tamed? Who says you must speak a certain way, walk a certain way, or look a certain way? Why are fat cows considered healthy and pudgy puppies adorable, yet we women put on a few pounds and we’re disgusted.

Why would we put the happiness of everyone else in line before our own? Why would we place our own hopes and dreams squarely on the back-burner for all eternity as we urge our children to be exactly who they want to be? Why would we sit on the sidelines in our own game of life?

Why? I’ll tell you exactly why.

Because we’ve fallen out of love with ourselves.

We’ve put our self-worth on clearance and traded our self-confidence for self-consciousness. We look in the mirror to see our faults. We cringe at the sound of our own voice. We want what we don’t have and don’t want what we do have. And we’re raising little girls to do the same.

In 28 days, you will be fully prepared to host a “Madly In Love With Me Celebration.” Oh yes, streamers and all, you’re throwing yourself a love fest. You will walk taller, stand straighter, hold your head higher and be able to walk into any room void of the need to compare. You will prove to yourself you are a woman of your word who follows through with her commitments. You will intimately know your strengths, your talents and your passions. You will have a complete list of all the things that make you wildly happy. You will learn a new language of love and respect towards yourself. You will know how to graciously accept a compliment and be open to receive them. You will take a selfie and think “hot damn!” You will like who you are and what you do. You will see yourself through a new set of eyes.

And girl, are you ever going to love what you see.

28 days to self-worth, love and confidence.

Because you’re worth it.
Love, Me

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