Life will never be fine again. Never. It just can’t go back there. Things have changed for ever. It’s not fine.
For every good thing God offers us, the enemy offer a counterfeit. That counterfeit looks remarkably similar to the great thing that God has offered us, but the counterfeit is always easier.

Where have you sold out for the counterfeit in your life?

God offers us the opportunity to earn money. The enemy offers us the counterfeit of just charge it. You can pay for that later.
God offers us oats and strawberries. The counterfeit is strawberry pop-tarts.
God offers us a beautiful union in marriage. The counterfeit is a spicy affair.
God offers a BIG Life to you and to me. The enemy offers an easy life.

You were created for a BIG Life, but have you accepted the counterfeit?

If I asked “how are you”, would you answer “fine”?
How are you feeling? “I’m fine.”
You’re fine?

Are you going to describe the miraculous experience of being alive as “fine”? Where does that fit in? Life is not “fine”, it is freakin’ fantastic! We have just forgotten.

Even worse, we tell ourselves that we’re “fine”.
Are you really “fine” carrying around that extra 40 lbs., 50 lbs., 60 lbs.? Are you fine with that?
Are you really fine with fighting every day?
Are you really fine with not having had sex with your husband for the last month? Is that fine?

Are you really fine with not being able to pay your bills every month? Is this fine with you?

Saying that you are fine is absolutely genius and here is why: because you don’t have to do a darn thing about it. When you are “fine” there is nothing you have to do.

And with every “fine”, you’ve accepted the counterfiet to your BIG Life.

You set some big goals at the beginning of this year. How are you with knowing there are some of those, maybe many of those, maybe all of those, you’re not achieving. Is that fine with you? Really? Is that fine?

We tell ourselves we are fine and we lower our expectations of a BIG Life. It’s not fine.

You are not fine.
Fine isn’t good enough for me and I hope and pray that “fine” isn’t good enough for you anymore either.
If you are crappy and feeling lousy, then say it and start doing something to fix it.
If you are freakin’ fantastic, then say it and act like it.

Life will never be fine again.
It just can’t be.
Not now.

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