If you’re like most people, when you hear “the grind,” you think “oh Crap…..” That’s completely normal. But here in BIG Life, we don’t view life the normal way.

We believe the grind is good.

If your association with the daily grind is negative, it becomes a subtraction in your life. It is taking away from your energy, your motivation, and your passion. When you subtract long enough, what do you get? You get nothing left. And this is why we’re left knowing what we need to do but we just can’t seem to make ourselves do it. We’ve got nothing left.

By shifting your view, you can radically change your daily grind. Out with the “oh crap” and in with “the grind is good.”

The daily grind of shower, make breakfast, clean, take the kids to school, work, pick up the kids, make dinner, clean, and then wake up tomorrow and do it again … well, it’s exhausting and less than thrilling. But please, please, please get this. This grind makes up the majority of our days and if you’re just enduring it, you will come to the end of your life and realize instead of really living it, you just endured it. And oh how you will regret it.

We’re enduring life because we have allowed our blessings to become burdens.

Behind every burden of a daily chore you have to do, is a blessing. And I mean a wild, ridiculously over-the-top blessing. We complain when we have to go to the grocery store. What a royal pain in the butt it is. But every day 16,000 mamas lose a child due to malnutrition. 16,000. Today. But not my babies and not yours because we get to go to the grocery store and roam through isles of food and stockpile more than we can even eat today. We don’t HAVE to go grocery shopping, we GET to go grocery shopping because it’s a blessing. See, I told you, a wild, ridiculously over-the-top blessing.

But wait, there’s more. We don’t have to do laundry. We GET to do laundry because our family has been blessed with piles and piles of clothes to wear. We are blessed.

Mamas, we don’t have to take the kids to school, we GET to take our kids to school. Have you ever stopped to think what it would mean if you didn’t have kids to take to school? I won’t even go there. We are blessed.

The grind is good. It is not a subtraction from our life, it is a daily reminder of our radical blessings. Perhaps you were just looking at it wrong all this time. It’s time to cook dinner with a smile so big you could eat a banana sideways, because you GET to.

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