Goal Setting (Take Two)

It happens every year. We watch the big hopes and excitement of January 1st dwindle into the let down of January 31st. We were sure this year would be different. But somewhere along the way we face planted right off the side of that wagon. Where did it happen for you? Was it that one

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Love Me

When you sit, you instinctively fold your arms across your stomach. When you see a photo of yourself, you critique. When you step on the scale, you wish you were less. When you compare, you wish you were more. We have set standards of perfection and we never measure up to the ruler which we

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Carrots, eggs and coffee beans. No, we’re not talking about our breakfast menu. We’re talking about environment, and how we respond to it. Take carrots, eggs and coffee and place each in the same adverse environment of boiling water and you’ll see 3 very different responses. The carrot goes in strong, hard and unrelenting. However,

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If you’re like most people, when you hear “the grind,” you think “oh Crap…..” That's completely normal. But here in BIG Life, we don't view life the normal way. We believe the grind is good. If your association with the daily grind is negative, it becomes a subtraction in your life. It is taking away

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A short little word with such a huge impact. We’re all very used to the word no. If you have kids you say it many times each day, and if you have toddlers you probably hear it many many times a day.  And no always means one thing: BIG FAT NEGATIVE. Rejection. No can do.

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We’re all familiar with the expectation behind the word URGENT. I don’t know one mom who isn’t familiar with an after-hours crazy rush to the local Urgent Care center with an injured or sick child. We understand urgent means... “Get the heck out of the way this needs to happen right now!” Yet when we

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Hope; It's such a great, wonderful thing. The belief that bigger, better things are coming is what keeps us pushing forward. The faith that things will come together, despite obstacles, as we work toward a goal is essential to maintaining a positive mentality. Hope is a great blessing. But hope is a double edged sword.

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Where Is My Support

So, you’ve decided to work toward becoming your best . . . Everyone around you should be thrilled, right . . . wrong! Now why wouldn’t you have the undying support of all your family and friends? Why wouldn’t everyone be just as excited as you are about this change in your life? You’re not

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Bad Long Enough to Get Good

Just How Long Are You Willing To be Bad At This? Your answer will determine your success. There’s something you’re good at.  In fact, you’re so good I could take lessons from you.  Perhaps it’s music, painting, cooking, sales, or … I know what it is … you can change diapers like a freakin’ pro. 

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How Bad Do You Want It? It’s time to do more than dream of the life you want, it’s time to start living it. The difference between those who live the life they want and those who don’t . . .  H-U-N-G-E-R In the past year we have witnessed wild success within the BIG Life

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