This year lent is from February 14th to April 1st and here in BIG Life we’re suggesting a radically different sacrifice.  How about we sacrifice some of the “stuff” piling up in the house? Simplify your life, de-clutter your house, and discover what’s truly important.
(print your ’40 Bags In 40 Days’  list here)

Lent is a wonderful thing.

It’s a personal sacrifice of something you love, in exchange for time and reflection on Jesus Christ.  If you’ve never experienced it, I encourage you to dive in this year.  The typical sacrifices are coffee, soda, chocolate, or FaceBook.  If none of these speak to you and you’re searching for a little somethin’ somethin’ different, join me for 40 Bags in 40 Days.

Here’s the truth, we love our stuff.  Our old stuff, the stuff we’re always yelling at the kids to pick up. The stuff we had to buy Rubbermaid boxes for.  The stuff that now steals our parking spot in the garage.  The stuff we pay 40 bucks a month to store in some air conditioned storage unit in town.

Why not give up “STUFF” for Lent?

News flash:  YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU OWN!  (Seriously watch an episode of Hoarders!)

So here’s the plan:  Make a list of 40 areas in your home and over the next 40 days, tackle one area per day purging one bag of unnecessary stuff.  40 Bags in 40 Days.  (Totally brilliant and totally not my original idea, but you can love me or hate me anyway for sharing)

One bag.  Just one bag today in one area.  Tomorrow we’ll move on to the next area and fill another bag.

Start living more out of intention than living out of habit.  Habit is to just keep all that stuff and keep buying more … intention is making room for the BIG Life you were created for.

I can hear you now …

“But I’m not a hoarder.”  “I don’t have a huge house.”  “I can’t think of 40 areas.”  Let me address those now.  I move often, living in fully furnished vacation homes where the only things I actually own are suitcases, a few dishes and a desk … I have very little.  If I can do this, you can do this.  Kitchen cabinets can be divided in to several days.  Some of you could spend a whole freakin’ week in your closet.  This isn’t a full one hour project every day and who says it has to be a jumbo sized garbage bag?  The exercise is more about a conscious effort to get rid of a little every day and choose Jesus over the “stuff”.  Do you really need that extra bottle of lotion under you sink that has 5 drops left in it?  I think not!  Bag it!

Want to supercharge this Lent, commit to not buying any more stuff for the next 40 days too!

Print your 40 Bags in 40 Days list here

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