My name is Pamela Crim and I’m the proud Head Mama of this incredible group of women. For those who don’t know me, here are 25 things you might want to know:

1. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years. We started dating when I was a Freshman and I knew I would grow old with him. Those sprouting gray hairs we both have are nothing more than that dream coming true!

2. I’m a mother of 3 awesome children. Logan age 15 , Alexa age 14, and Paola age 13. Our daughters were adopted from a Mexican orphanage when they were 4 and 6. It was our son’s idea to adopt and he actually helped choose them. What a great experience!

3. My purpose in life is to help women find their own purpose. I’m so proud to be the Head Mama of BIG Life (formerly Smokin’ Hot Mama Club).

4. I had a stroke as a newlywed at the age of 19 and had to learn to walk and talk again. I am all the stronger for it! I take great pride in my handwriting after learning to hold a pen again.

5. For a girl who was told she could never walk again, I now run marathons. I have run 4 full marathons (26.2 miles) and feel stronger than ever at the age of 39. To think I had never run a single mile until the age of 26. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

6. Our family followed a crazy dream of living on the beach and sold everything we owned, gave the rest away and lived on Coastal Hwy 1 for exactly 365 days. It was bliss and we will never regret that adventure.

7. One morning while walking on the beach, my husband and I decided we would like to try living on a lake for a season. We let our Facebook followers vote to choose our destination and we ended up on Table Rock Lake in Missouri.

8. Honestly, I can put together and host a one of a kind, life changing, radically fun, all girls weekend RETREAT. It’s seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever been part of.

9. I have a unique ability to turn any situation into an adventure. I can sniff out an opportunity to mark some crazy thing off my Bucket List from a mile away.

10. Twelve years ago we nearly lost everything we owned and were unsure of where our next meal would come from. Through that I have been humbled and learned lessons to last a lifetime.

11. My passion is mentoring women to open their eyes to the BIG, beautiful life they were created for, help them live it, and enjoy the journey there.

12. I have a purple belt in karate. I might possibly be able to kick someone’s butt if I ever needed to.

13. Hate mail still hurts my heart. I don’t understand the need some people have for such strong criticism. I’m continually trying to be more like my husband who doesn’t give a flying flip what anyone thinks. I have a long way to go.

14. My husband and I are blessed with being able to work our passion and purpose full-time now. We quit our jobs and do exactly what we want … mentor, host retreats, and motivational speaking. It is TOTALLY possible to follow your dream and make a living!

15. My biggest dream now (and this is a new one) is to run our own ranch, host monthly BIG Life Adventure RETREATS, and have a reality TV show documenting the process and the people we meet. (strong emphasis on REALITY!) Okay, I put that out there in writing … look me up if you have contacts.  ***UPDATE … we now live on BIG Life Ranch in Arkansas!***

16. Lonnie and I didn’t see each other one time for 9 months after our honeymoon. Who says long distance relationships don’t work? We were separated by thousands of miles, before the days of email and cell phones. (And homecomings are always worth the wait!)

17. I absolutely adore my parents and I truly believe they have the best marriage in all history. After 42 years of marriage, they still act like teenagers in love – it’s almost sick! Hang around me for very long and I’ll share some crazy stories about my parents that are guaranteed to turn your face red!

18. After a 6 year fight with Mexico, we finalized the adoption of our little girls in July 2011. We celebrated with a HUGE food fight!

19. Doctor’s told my husband he could expect his wife to be a vegetable after my first stroke. Still, he never left my side – he bathed me, fixed my hair, fed me and even shaved my legs while I recovered. That is true love and dedication.

20. In 2010 I lost 45 pounds to become my best. It took 8 months and nearly 1,200 miles of running, but darn it, I did it! Now I’m on the journey again … 30 pounds to get back to my best.  I’m worth it.

21. My top two Love Languages are physical touch and words of affirmation. Seriously, hug me and tell me I’m pretty, and we’re all good.

22. I have taken a daily gratitude photo for over 5 years … never missed a single day. This act has changed my life.

23. I still can’t do a darn cartwheel – now that’s embarrassing!

24. I’m currently filming a 1 year documentary and finding such purpose in it.

25. I am a child of God, lover of Jesus, and every single day I’m grateful for the BIG Life I get to choose.

Just imagine this world with thousands of Mamas following their passion, finding their purpose and leading their families by example. I want to help you! Your family deserves you at your best. You deserve to live up to your potential, and in case you didn’t know, you have crazy wicked potential sister!

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