Sharing our favorite family tradition.

Wonderful things come in small packages and my children have found the countdown to Christmas is so exciting with this fun family tradition.  Our hanging Advent calendar, assembled from stretchy gloves, is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas all through December.  By simply gluing felt cut out numbers onto colorful gloves (or you could use socks) and attaching to a string with mini clothespins you can create your own countdown to Christmas tradition with your family.

Each day, beginning November 30th, a mitten is removed from the line, filled with a little goodie and hidden for the kids to find.  Their treasure may be candy, chapstick, lotion, a coupon for no chores, a movie rental, a package of hot chocolate or a pass for a family room camp out.  It’s all part of keeping Christmas simple and creating memories to last a lifetime.

We began this tradition when all 3 of our kids were small and they’re now teenagers.  I already look forward to passing this tradition on to my grandchildren.  And while I’m only 40, I do have my “grandma name” picked out . . . I’m Granny Pammy (does it sound too much like granny panties?  I’m just wondering?  Granny Pammy and Poppie Lonnie has a real ring to it!)

Merry Christmas!  (well, in 25 days)

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