Poochy tummy?  Always hungry?  Dragging butt?  Feeling sad?  Sagging, wrinkly skin?

Oh goodness girl, those are all symptoms of too much sugar in your diet!

Indeed, sugar is a drug that not only affects your body in craptastic ways, it also creates a fog in your mental state.  You likely have no idea just how bad sugar is making you feel every single day.  Want to find out?

I’ve been sugar free for 16 full days!

I’m talking sugar and sugar substitutes are completely out of my diet and wow … my IQ must have jumped a few levels.  My clarity, my energy, and my attitude are incredibly improved.  Not to mention the way my flat tummy looks in my favorite jeans today.  I’ve only threatened to kill one of my three children for a sip of diet soda.

I’m so impressed by the difference, I’m inviting you to join me!

As a member of BIG Life Mentoring in March, you will be invited into a private group participating in a 10 day guided sugar detox together.  You will receive daily detox tips and a recommended plan for each day.

You are worth the investment sister.  Won’t you join me?

Remember, this is offered exclusively to members of BIG Life Mentoring in March.  Join mentoring here for just $25 for the entire month.  The 10 day sugar detox begins March 5th.  Grab your spot in mentoring now.


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