Is it that we’ve forgotten how to have fun?  Are we just too busy?

Have we become too boring?  Too uptight for fun?

Or have we traded our childlike joy for what others think?
Crap, looking back you realize that was a bad trade, huh?

Are we saving the good stuff?  We will have fun on that special day, but not today because it’s just an ordinary day.

Stop the madness I say!

If there’s one thing I know, girl I know how to have fun.  Fun on a budget, fun on a whim, fun on a Wednesday.  I consider it a gift. I simply don’t do boring. Why would I want to?  Why would YOU want to?! How about a full month of life where you don’t do boring either!

30 days of intentional fun.

Yes, a daily challenge to have fun, be fun and create fun.  No more waiting for those “special days”.  Girl EVERY DAY is special!  Each day we will have something to look forward to and each day we will enjoy the ride. Life is too short not to eat dessert.  Too short not to watch the sunrise.  Too short not to light the candles, eat off the fancy plates, serve breakfast in bed, roll down the windows and let our hair blow wild.

In April, we shall do it all!  Join us in BIG Life Mentoring now to be part of the daily fun challenges and weekly sessions to revive the fun-loving, life-living, joyous YOU again.  You have a legacy to live, lets make it a fun one!

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