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The goal setting system proven to increase your odds of success by 300%

In this exclusive broadcast recorded LIVE on New Years Day, I personally teach you how to set and achieve goals.  Finally, a goal setting system that works for the overwhelmed stay-at-home mama and the busy professional alike.  Now, if you’re into delayed progress and 22 step programs, this isn’t for you. If you’re ready to experience wild success in your goals immediately, well Ba Bam … this is it!

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A Complete Goal Setting System

GSS_B&W_120The BIG Life Goal Setting System is proven to increase your odds of success by 300% … and it works for everyone.  Our New Year’s Day Broadcast has been viewed by over 4,000 families.  Thousands have downloaded and printed the FREE system now have Sticky Goals on their mirrors.  Families sat down together and wrote goals.  There’s no need to invest major bucks in planners and calendars for 2015. We have everything you need in the most effective, simplified format right here. This product has not been tested on animals, however thousands of humans have been subject to testing and the results have been astounding. (Thicker, fuller hair was found in a small percentage of humans. Bigger, fuller lives were found in 99% of humans who completed the program.)


Sticky Goals

Sticky goals are monthly goals that stick.  Little life passively dreams of a goal on New Years.  BIG Life writes goals every month and sees them daily.  Sticky goals are divided into 3 categories (Group Goal, Individual Goals, and Bucket List) and written on post-it notes at the beginning of each month, put on the Sticky Goals template and hung on the left side of your bathroom mirror.  As each goal is achieved, it is kept and moved to the right side of your mirror.  Left side = goals.  Right side = accomplished.  See Pamela’s mirror of successes for 2014 here.

Win Your Week

Win Your Week takes the guess work out of your weekly priorities.  Meal planning has never been more simple with a meal inventory list, recipes, and interchangeable meals for the entire week written on sticky notes.  Workouts for the week are clearly defined and scheduled.  Weekly priorities are written and placed front and center.  Successful weeks are no accident.  Set yourself up for success and reap the priceless benefits of a well planned week.  No guessing, no excuses, no stress.  You have a plan!


BIG Time Block

Time is your worst enemy or your best ally.  We hide behind busy and claim we don’t have enough time.  We do have enough time, we must begin using it well.  With BIG Time Block, each day you will decide your focus for the day, check off the four most important basic things, write your to-do list, then make time for it all.  Most importantly, you will allow yourself the freedom to be fully on and then be off guilt-free.  Wherever you are, be there fully, get your work done, and enjoy living more.

LIVE – New Year’s Day Broadcast


Presented by Pamela & Lonnie Crim

A husband and wife duo bringing you exactly what you need to improve your life, without the fluff. We keep it real, we keep it simple, and we have a mighty good time sharing the BIG Life with our audience. Learn more about us here.

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Want a Jump Start?

In doing this for many years now, we’ve had the opportunity to see who succeeds and who does not. It comes down to one word, HUNGER. How bad do you really want it? Those who REALLY want it, get it. They find a way. They make it happen. Those who kinda want it, kinda get it. Is it possible to awake the HUNGER within you and live the life you always wanted? One year from now you won’t even recognize yourself. That’s what HUNGER can do in your life and that’s what we can teach you. Awake the HUNGER in you with two completely FREE mentoring sessions. We’re not waiting until New Years … if you want more you can have it now!

Two FREE Mentoring Sessions

I’ve tried Goal Setting before…many times. What’s different about this one?

New Year’s Resolutions have an 8% success rate. That’s just not cutting it. 92% chance of failure staring you down is enough to keep you from even trying. BUT, by making a few tweaks and following the system taught in this goal setting broadcast, your odds of success increase by 300%. Go ahead and get hyped up. The time for your breakthrough is now.

Features of the BIG Life Goal Setting System

  • Monthly BIG Life Focus

  • Health/Fitness Goals

  • Family/Spiritual Goals

  • Finances/Career Goals

  • Home/Personal Goals
  • Seasonal Bucket Lists

  • Just for Fun Goals

  • Printable Goals Template

  • Printable Meal Planning Template

  • 20 Healthy Recipes
  • Printable Workout Plan

  • Printable Meal Inventory

  • Printable Time Block Template

  • BIG Time Goal of the Day

  • Success Tracking

Why are we giving this away for FREE?

We’ve worked with thousands of people just like you since 2008. People who are busy. People who are unfulfilled and bored. People who ask themselves … is this it? People who’ve fallen into the trap of merely enduring life rather than living it. Those people are now living a life they couldn’t even imagine before. The same can be true for you. Honestly, that’s why we do this. Our deepest desire is to help you live the BIG Life you were meant for and we know exactly how to do it! The only question is are you ready to experience a year of life you never dared to dream of before?  If you are, we are SO ready to show you how! Yes, for FREE!

The New Year is Here…Are You Ready?

2015 will go down as the year you lived the life you wanted … or not. The days will pass just the same. We all pay a price. The price of discipline or the price of regret. In front of you is the opportunity to live the best year of your life and all the tools to make it happen are at your fingertips for free. There are no excuses. It’s all here for you.

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