Mentoring Gift Purchase.

(good for you)

If you are a current member of this NEW site, then continue below.  If you are not an active member of this NEW membership site and want to give a gift, please click here.

We love that you are giving the gift of mentoring … you might just be changing her life and you should feel darn good about that.  The information below is very important when purchasing this gift.  Please read completely.

1) Purchasing the gift – the Checkout Page.
Once you click the purchase link below, you will be redirected to the checkout page.  For checkout the information is all about you as the gift giver.  On that page, please notice the box “Is this a gift?”.  It should already be checked.  In the event the box is not checked the purchase will be for yourself and not for your lucky recipient.

2) Confirmation Page – How to redeem your gift purchase:
After you purchase the gift, your screen will refresh to the Thank You/Confirmation page.  On this page, you will see the link to Redeem your gift.  (You should also receive an email with the Redemption link.)  This link can only be used 1 time, so be sure it is used correctly.

The information on the Redemption link is for the gift RECIPIENT, not you the gift giver.  You as the giver can type in the information for them (just make sure it’s accurate), or you can email the the Redemption link to them and prompt them to complete their information personally.

**The checkout page will open in a new window so this page is available in your browser if needed**