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Took a weekend away for yourself?

Spring 2017 Spots Still Available for

There is a place where ladies come to not just escape life, but to ensure life doesn’t escape them. BIG Life Adventure Retreat is a weekend of fun, adventure, motivation and friendship that changes lives. Arrive strangers … leave sisters. It’s the ultimate all-girls-weekend with purpose!

  • LIVE SESSION with The Fitness Marshall!
  • LIVE SESSIONS with Pamela & Lonnie Crim
  • April 21-23, 2017
  • Women ages 15-95
  • Lake Williamson in Carlinville, IL (1 hr N of St Louis)
  • $360 all-inclusive ($126/mo payments)
  • 2 Nights Stay – Meals – Adventures – Sessions
This Is Exactly What I need – Get Me In!

Ready to add some Adventure to your life?

One of our famous Retreat ‘Flash Mobs’!

Do you need some time away to let your hair down and enjoy living this life you’ve been given? To rejuvenate, relax and be refreshed? Join us on a beautiful ranch surround by God’s magnificent creation. Enjoy the sunrise with us. Sit around the bonfire. Get covered in paint. Take a thrilling ride. And pack more living into a weekend than you ever imagined possible.

Are you ready for some fun and adventure? Team low ropes, exhilarating high ropes, paint wars, and more? Come and get it sister! We are professional adventure builders, memory makers and thrill seekers. We can help you breathe in life deeper.

Maybe you’re looking for a place to discover & grow. You’re looking to go home changed. Lives change here. Confidence is grown. Faith is increased. Dreams are realized. Now is your time.

You want to but…
Don’t let your buts keep you from living the life you want. Sure you’re a little scared and apprehensive. It’s totally unlike you to leave home. We promise, your family will survive without you. For them, you need this. For you, you need this. We have a saying around here…
We’ve Got Your Back!

I Need This!!!

Ready to join this Sisterhood?

The all-girls weekend of a lifetime! You know you want to.
I Need This!!!

What you find here is unlike anything you have EVER experienced. Arrive strangers, leave sisters. It’s okay to know no one when you walk in. We were all new at our first retreat. This sisterhood, this BIG Life ARMY is ready, (EAGER!) to help you live the BIG Life you were created for. Join us for the all-girls weekend of a lifetime.

Who This Is NOT For …

Drama queens. BIG Life and drama don’t mix. We’re too busy living BIG to participate in drama.
If you’re supper picky about your bed, your meals or your schedule, you shouldn’t attend. High maintenance gals need not apply. We trade comfort for growth the entire weekend and you will see your life change!

Who This Is For …

Women of all ages (16+) who are ready for a fun weekend to breathe in life deeper. Come alone, or bring your sisters, your daughters and your mama. Grab your best friend or just trust me when I say you’ll find a best friend the moment you arrive to the ranch. You choose your adventures, create your weekend of a lifetime and we’re there to share it with you. Retreat is a no judgment, no drama, no excuses, no regrets zone. Every detail specially designed to help you find and love YOU.

We are 100% committed to helping you live a BIG Life. If you’re struggling in life, we’re eager to help. If you’re going through some problems, let us help you through them. If you’re not perfect, then join the rest of us who are not either. This is a weekend of joy, laughter, breakthroughs, memories, sisterhood, and adventures. If that’s what you need in your life, you’re going to love it here.

Join us.

Single Payment

  • 2 Nights Stay
  • 5 Meals
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Adventures
  • Official RETREAT shirt

Payments - $126/Month

  • 2 Nights Stay
  • 5 Meals
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Adventures
  • Official RETREAT shirt

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