10 Day Guided Sugar Detox

Poochy tummy?  Always hungry?  Dragging butt?  Feeling sad?  Sagging, wrinkly skin? Oh goodness girl, those are all symptoms of too much sugar in your diet! Indeed, sugar is a drug that not only affects your body in craptastic ways, it also creates a fog in your mental state.  You likely have no idea just how

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This is your life … Bring it!

There's nothing more powerful than a woman who gets in the game of her own life and decides to BRING IT. Picture this: One woman.  Looking good, feeling great, walking with a pep in her step.  Proud of who she is and where she's going. She is fierce. Why?  Because she's in the game.  She's

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Never Fine Again

Life will never be fine again. Never. It just can't go back there. Things have changed for ever. It's not fine. For every good thing God offers us, the enemy offer a counterfeit. That counterfeit looks remarkably similar to the great thing that God has offered us, but the counterfeit is always easier. Where have

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I Am

(Guest post by Gina Fonseca – one of our prized BIG Mama leaders in BIG Life Mentoring.) I am 5’3” tall (on my tippy toes). I am a brown haired, green eyed girl. I am a medium build 150ish pounds. I am 40 years old. I am Gina. Those are all absolutely true facts about

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