Your family invitation to get involved.

BIG Life has partnered with orphanages and shelters all across the US to provide new, warm pajamas to thousands of children this Christmas.

Over the years I have discovered this world is filled with good people.  People who want to give.  People who want to make a difference.  People who simply don’t know how.  It’s saddening to hear up to 96 cents of every dollar donated to some charitable organizations goes to pay frivolous expenses and ridiculous salaries.  NOT HERE.

There are no admin costs here. A portion of your donations aren’t kept, zero, none.  All pajamas go directly to the children in need and BIG Life even pays the shipping charges for the mass delivery to the orphanages.

Won’t you join us in this beautiful service project?

Here’s how:

  • All sizes are needed, especially larger youth and adult sizes.  (Remember, orphanages are filled with teens.)
  • If you are part of your state’s BIG Life Chapter, contact your leader for a local drop off location.
  • OR … mail in your pajamas to our nationwide shipping address:
    Operation Christmas Pajamas
    PO Box 2415
    Branson West, MO 65737
  • OR … make it super simple and shop online and have the pajamas shipped direct.

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning knowing a child without a home or a family this year is opening the pajamas you bought.  It’s like wrapping your arms around them tight and holding on for hours.

Take your own children shopping and use this as an opportunity to instill a love of personal acts of kindess in them.

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