The Life You Were Created For

BIG Life is a WAY of living from three simple Principles:

1) Become Your Best
2) Enjoy the Ride
3) Help Others Do the Same

That’s it, it is that simple.

Simple doesn’t mean easy though, especially in today’s highly distracted world. We created a Free little mini course to help you get started living the life you were Created for. Get your copy here.

Meet the Founders


Lonnie & Pamela Crim

 BIG Life is a family venture.

A dream born in a husband and wife, coming alive through an online community of people ready for more. We are Lonnie and Pamela Crim, and quiet honestly, we’re about as normal as they come. We are simple people living a ridiculously good life. A life of purpose and passion, adventure and crazy big dreams we get to watch come to fruition before our eyes.

We live a life of wild adventure, choosing a new and exciting place to live, moving cross country often.  We just recently followed our wild dreams and moved to a 200 acre ranch in Arkansas where one day we hope to host our retreats and build ziplines and risky adventures.  Lonnie is a prior military man with a drive to cut the crap, keep it real, and push people to make true changes in their life. Pamela (that’s me) … well I bring the fun factor and the infectious love of life. Together we’re a dynamic duo just doing what God created us to do. We live BIG and we live out loud for our children, and the rest of this great big world out there ready for what we have discovered.

What have we discovered?

Simply a different way of living. A way of living that brings life back into our days. A way of living that allows us each to do what we are wildly good at and enjoy. A way of living that raises eyebrows and leaves strangers saying “I don’t know what they’re smoking, but I want some of it!” A way of living that hopefully brings great joy to our Father. A way of living that makes waking up on Monday morning a whole lot easier.

That way of living is our passion and we share it every day with thousands of people. People just like us who are ready to get off the sidelines and get in the game. People who want to leave a legacy of more than just paying bills. People who want to soak up every ounce of life available to them. Are you one of our people?

This is a family thing, and you’re now part of the BIG Life family. Lock arms with us and let’s set this world on fire with a new way of living.

Find out more about Pamela Here.

Our Team – The BIG Mamas

We hand-selected the 5 most talented, infectiously happy women from across the nation to form our leadership team, aka Big Mamas. These are women who not only live their BIG Life exceedingly well, but they have a genuine desire to help others do the same. Daily, they pour into the creative genius of BIG Life while being the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of the gals in BIG Life Mentoring.

Gina Fonseca ~ Oklahoma

Gina’s MVP’s are Big Al (her one and only for the last 21 years), Al Jr. 17, Angie 15, David 12 and Rachel 11. Gina enjoys playing in dirt and tearing stuff up so she can rebuild it. She loves working with kids and teens to help them find their purpose and embrace their BIG LIVES. Her top goals in life are making her Father proud, making her children love life, and growing old and wrinkled with a lifetime of awesome stories with her guy. There isn’t one itty-bitty thing Gina would trade about her life … jiggly thighs and all!

Anela Flores ~ New Mexico

Anela is a “hippie mama in heels”, a proud mom and wife. She has a passion for natural living and helping women unleash their inner awesomeness. Anela is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Fitness Instructor and Yoga Instructor.

Marie Junk Miller ~ Ohio

Marie is a graphic designer and social media strategist for a marketing firm, but most importantly she’s wife to a handsome police officer who is her very best friend. They have two fur babies, Aspen their 8 year old Bichon and Laylee their 3 year old cat. Marie is the president of her town’s Chamber of Commerce. She loves to cook and whip up recipes on the fly – ESPECIALLY when the cupboards are bare. Marie draws, paints, sews (square things, lol!), and can change oil in her car (if she has to). She adores working out and running. Marie will always be your cheerleader and no doubt, she’s more than a big ol’ bootie!

Rebecca Casey ~ California

Rebecca is mom to Molly, 23 and Cassidy, 15 and daughter to her mom, Barbara – they all live together at Chateau la femme. Her passion is divorce recovery, finances, parenting, and helping women with more long term challenges. She loves to help gals break it down, make a plan and move towards the goal. Rebecca is adventurous, loves working out and crossing things off her bucket list. She also plays a mean air guitar.

Becka Nieder ~ Illinois

Becka is from the northern Chicago suburbs, a personal fitness instructor and ballet dancer. Her 3 kiddos keep her very busy, but never too busy to help others. Becka is passionate about exercise, healthy eating, planning her day, and dancing through life.